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Planning your vacation

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Get a break on vacation spending with early planning

Looking to leave behind the worries of work and responsibilities of home at some point this year? A fun and relaxing vacation getaway can provide the perfect opportunity to refresh and recharge your batteries. Rest assured, looking ahead, there are some steps you can take to save on your vacation, including:


  • Be flexible. If you're open to visiting different locations on short notice, you may be able to find affordable vacation opportunities. On websites, such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz, you can locate travel deals. You can even set travel alerts to notify you when deals arise.
  • Stay close to home. You really don't have to go far to get away. Consider vacationing at a place that's close to home, so you can save on gas and airfare.
  • Share vacations. Do you have other family members or friends who may want to vacation with you? If so, consider splitting the cost of renting a house for your vacation with other families.
  • Travel off season. If at all possible, avoid popular summer vacation spots, which have peak rates in the summer. Instead, visit locations where summer is the off season, such as tropical islands or southern states, such as Florida.
  • Eat in. One of the biggest expenses involved with vacationing is dining out. Consider renting a house or staying at a hotel with appliances so you can prepare your own meals. If you're going to be away during the day, pack lunches and snacks.
  • Use your rewards points. Do you have rewards or loyalty points with a specific hotel chain or airline? Or credit card rewards? Cash in those points for your vacation.
  • Sleep under the stars. If you can't afford a fancy hotel or summer rental, consider pitching a tent and camping. Camping is a great way to save money and to connect with nature.

With a little planning, creativity, and flexibility, you can get that much-needed savings break.